Nature’s impermanence is a profound muse in my textile art. I weave threads that mirror the ephemeral beauty of the natural world and the reverence it deserves. My work traces the lines of the earth formed over millennia—the crevices and root structures clinging to rocks—capturing the delicate balance between our forward momentum and the fleeting essence of life.

I find inspiration in places we should not take for granted: the gentle ripple of water, the bud of a new leaf, the gnarled root winding through the soil. These elements, rich in detail and meaning, serve as metaphors for the spiritual messages of the natural world.

For me, the woods create a space where I can listen fully and thus my art seeks to evoke a dialogue between the allure and the wisdom of nature. We are drawn to the promise of a better life, yet an undercurrent of awareness tells us that our achievements come at nature's expense. This dependency and concern place us in a poignant contradiction. Through my textiles, I create reflective spaces, inviting contemplation on the transient beauty of nature and the spiritual insights it offers, reminding us that while life is impermanent, nature remains ever-present.