About Comissions

This is your chance to be part of the creative process and bring to life something that will connect with you forever.  Do you have colours in mind, a specific size, a photo that you love?  Perhaps you are looking for a gift that will be a special for the receiver (an anniversary or wedding gift, a retirement gift, a corporate gift?).  A commissioned piece of art is unique.  If you are here reading this I suspect you like my style of interpretive art.  I would love to talk further if you have something specific in mind.

I like to work with clients to determine the look and style they are wanting.   We can talk by Zoom so you can give me a tour of the area you are hoping to put the piece of art or to talk about the specific details for the piece.  We can talk about your likes and dislikes, and review some of my previous work to determine exactly what you would like in a commissioned work of art.

Commissioned pieces starts at $500 - I endeavour to make my art affordable to everyone.  The price is dependant on the size, medium and frame details.  We will agree on a price before I begin.  We will also decide if you want to see photos throughout the creative process or have the pice unveiled when it is completed.

For further information, please give me at call at 705-918-0612.