My adventures in the great outdoors are the inspiration for everything I create.  I strive to reflect the simple peacefulness of the forest and the water in my creative practice. I use up-cycled and new materials from vintage tapestries, reused cloth and natural fibres to guide my intuition on the material I am working with. Just as in nature, I have learned to take chances with my pieces and not be afraid to stretch, cut, dye or even re-invent my work as I move through my creative process. 

My goal is to reflect the lessons I have learned through the unpredictability of my needle and thread using texture, colour, natural fibers and dyes, floss and found objects. My textile art is guided by the ebb and flow of the seasons, which have allowed me the freedom to not expect a specific outcome, but rather experience the process through stitched, drawn or painted elements.   As in life, my finished pieces are never how I imagined them to be.