Intuition Is My Path to Creativity and to Life

Intuition Is My Path to Creativity and to Life

Written by:  Gillian Schultze

I am an intuitive artist, and I am learning to apply this philosophy to my life as well.

I have come to love and appreciate the process of creating art using my inner awareness - my heart-centered awareness - to transpose my thoughts onto my canvas. I do not rely on head based questions when I am working as I add texture and colour. I have the luxury of not being trained professionally, which I believe has allowed me to experiment with a childlike freedom.

It is a way of creating that is about connecting to my emotions and responding to what feels right. I appreciate the colours and let my paintbrush flow where it needs to go.

Don't you think one of the most appealing attributes of a child is their willingness to be open to anything? As we grow we slowly dim this switch, and our imagination and childlike wonder gradually diminishes.

My nieces provide endless hours of teaching for me.  They see the world through their innocence and it makes for lots of fun and excitement.  I often paint with my brother's daughter and she is uninhibited - free - daring. When I am showing her how to gently add paint, she is mixing paint with vigour and bold excitement.  And she is immensely proud of her finished pieces no matter how they look.  This is the kind of art I want to make!

I am committed to finding my innocent wonder in everyday - in my art and in my life. I am learning to LIVE interpretively like I did when I was a child. This means that I stay out of my head and appreciate everyday for what it is.  Just like my nieces.

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