A New Gallery - I am Pinching Myself!

A few short years ago I was sitting in front of a computer and dreading the next budget meeting.  I would never have expected to be writing a blog about how overwhelmed I am to be OPENING AN ART GALLERY.  My art gallery!  My art! Is this really possible? I am pinching myself and wondering if I am worthy of this success?

You see, I build very high expectations for myself. The pressure to meet these expectations are overwhelming as I worry about living up to my own standards.  Pinching myself!

For me, the fear of failure has become even more pronounced as I approach my goals. The closer I get to realizing my dreams, the greater the fear of not succeeding becomes. Pinching myself!

I have an uncanny way of diminishing my accomplishments.  But I have to admit, I am trying really hard (this time) to appreciate the significance of my accomplishments. I would never have imagined this is where I would be at 53.  


Oh, and here are the details in case you would like to visit.

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