Gillian Kaara Schultze - Textile Artist

Memories in Art

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I have always been drawn to the tactile nature of fabrics and papers. Wouldn't you agree that some of the clothes we wear, the cloth we use, heirloom pieces hold memories that remain deep in our soul? Perhaps it is the soft silk of a scarf or the texture of a well-worn piece of clothing your child wore as a baby or a hankie from your grandmother's wedding.

Why not incorporate a piece of your memories into art? I can make a custom piece of textile art for you that could integrate textiles like:

This is a piece I made for my mother recently. The white on the rocks is the cotton lace my mom used in the wedding dress she made for me. Now we both have a memory of this special day and of the time we spent together making my beautiful dress.

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I incorporated a client's silk scarves in this piece - you know the kind of scarves I am talking about? They sit in your drawer and you wonder what to do with them. My client happily recalled the memory she had of when her mom would wrap the scarf around her neck and pin it in place. She even remembered the smell of lavender perfume on the scarves her mom wore to church every Sunday.

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